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Wholesale Chalk & Mineral Base Paint. Use for home decor, painted furniture, chalk boards and etc. For that Shabby Chippy Vintage Distressed Painted look! This is not your average paint... this is for the die hard junker, upcycle, crafty, blogging person!

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How to create a distressed look.

Distress for Success!

It used to be, if a piece of furniture was distressed, it meant it had been used for generations and paint was worn in areas that had been rubbed by hands or bumped from being moved many times. Today, distressed is the activity of making a piece of furniture or object appear aged and older. This style is popular and can add charm to any room.  

Surprisingly, it's simple to do. Determine what you want the finished piece to look like. If through the distressed areas you'd like to see an old paint color, as if it's been painted several times over, you'll need to use two colors. The base coat will show up as it peeks through the top coat. If you want the rubbed off areas to reveal bare wood, the technique requires only one color of paint. You can add stain or paint to our Rebel Junk's wax afterward, which will mute or age the piece even more 

1. Sand if the piece has a shiny finish, otherwise skip this step. After the sanding, wipe the piece with a tack cloth.

2. Paint the entire piece in the Rebel Junk base coat color you've chosen.

3. For bare wood to peek through, when the base coat is dry, start sanding off areas that would naturally end up distressed, like places where hands would have grabbed it. Step back a few times to see how it looks to determine how much distressing you prefer. After you have achieved the look you want, wipe the entire piece with a tack cloth.

For a multi color look, you can rub candle wax on the areas where you'd like to see color show through, then apply the second color. (This can also be created by sanding through the top coat.)  Paint the second color over the base coat and the candle wax.  After the paint dries, rub steel wool over the areas you candle waxed. Wipe off the piece with a tack cloth.

4. Next apply a coat of our Rebel Junk's paste wax to seal the piece. To add even more patina to the object use our Rebel Junk's paste wax mixed with a little stain as a final finish. By applying the clear paste wax first gives you an option to remove dark wax just in case you apply to much. To retain the integrity of your color choice, use our Rebel Junk's paste wax alone. Which ever you choose, paste wax is an important step to protect the finish for everyday use.