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Wholesale Chalk & Mineral Base Paint. Use for home decor, painted furniture, chalk boards and etc. For that Shabby Chippy Vintage Distressed Painted look! This is not your average paint... this is for the die hard junker, upcycle, crafty, blogging person!

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How to create a modern look.

Not sure the distressed look is for you? You can create a modern, glossy finish with Rebel Junk’s paint.

Paint your piece with the Rebel Junk’s Paint color of your choice (when we do modern we like to use bright colors) making sure to use long, even strokes to achieve a smooth finish. Once the first coat is dry, lightly sand all flat surfaces with a fine sanding block. You want an opaque look so do not sand through the paint.  Repeat with a second coat of paint.

If you have brush strokes you just can’t live with, pour a little paint into a mason jar and mix in a bit of water to thin it out.  Paint the whole piece with the watered down paint to smooth out brush strokes. Lightly sand with a fine sanding block.

For modern pieces, we prefer a gloss finish. Instead of wax, we use a polycrylic. Polycrylic is water-based and it will not yellow. It can also be applied as a finish coat over stain, too, which makes it nice for two-tone pieces. Our Polycrylic requires 2-3 coats. We recommend brushing it on in long even coats and are happy with two coats on most pieces.  Make sure to let the Polycrylic dry thoroughly between coats. Also, if you do notice any brush strokes, you can lightly sand with 220-grit sand paper in between finish coats. Congrats, you’ve created a modern, glossy contemporary piece!