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Wholesale Chalk & Mineral Base Paint. Use for home decor, painted furniture, chalk boards and etc. For that Shabby Chippy Vintage Distressed Painted look! This is not your average paint... this is for the die hard junker, upcycle, crafty, blogging person!

Rebel Junk Paint

In the Junkin' world we have used many different types of paint to upcycle our flea market finds and curbside castaways. We have done much experimenting with formulas and have finally perfected one of our own. It's made with a natural mineral called gypsum. It's low VOC, lead free and safe to use indoors. Clean up is easy because it is water based.

Rebel Junk Paint provides amazing coverage and style in the fastest amount of time with little or no prep! 

Before using the paint, give it a good stir.  You want to make sure the paint is well mixed and all that magic is distributed evenly.

Our paint is thicker than latex paint and it provides wonderful coverage because of this. We designed it to dry quickly. You will be able to apply a second coat, if needed, within minutes. 

The paint can thicken when left exposed to air.  If you’ve painted from the can and it has thickened, don't fret, you can add water.

Distressing - You can use a wet rag to distress furniture. This allows for distressing without the worry of scratching the wood and gives a lovely finish. You can also use sand paper, or a sanding block. As you distress, think about where the piece would wear naturally, usually in places that are touched or grabbed a lot. 

Our wax is easy to work with.  It provides a protective finish for the paint and deepens the color. A little goes a long way. it's easily applied with a waxing pad or an old T shirt, use a small bit and massage it in until it is absorbed. The more you buff, the shinier it gets.